How sad for the people who collaborate with the organized crime that they did not take advantage of the opportunity that the government gave them. They were offered ways out, through work, the development and recovery of communities, and through social programs. Unlike other governments that spoke of war and extermination, this one approach them with other options, but they did not listen.


Even though many messages were sent, some of them were even criticized, such as the saying “hugs, no bullets” or telling on them with their mothers and grandmothers, under the premise that life is more important than anything. The message was sent, but not heard. Deep down, for those who know how to read, this was an opportunity to get out, to take advantage, and to vindicate themselves. But they continued with their bad habits, proof of these are the events in Caborca, in Celaya, and the cowardly attack against the head of Mexico City’s security.


Now, we must wait for the government’s response. For now, we can predict that the full weight of the Law will fall over them, and not only that, these actions will have consequences for their finances. The government will empty their pockets. An example of this, is the operation “Blue Agave”, in which the government blocked more than 1,900 accounts of people linked to the CJNG. For this reason, the attack on the Secretary of Security seems like revenge, due to the impact on the criminal group’s economical resources.


Currently, the country is under attack by two great evils, the organized crime and Covid-19, which have caused many daily deaths. In both cases, citizens can collaborate to achieve a gradual reduction. With coronavirus, the solution seems to be prevention. With measures such as wearing face masks when going outside, washing our hands frequently, practicing social distancing in public transport and at our workplace, and staying home when presenting any symptoms, as well as notifying the health authorities. Whomever does not do these, is acting irresponsibly.


The other evil seems to be the increasing violence, and although authorities have a great responsibility on this issue, society can also collaborate. By supporting each other, especially the authorities, regardless of the political party they represent; by avoiding any form of corruption, however small it may be; and by encouraging crim reporting. Only by doing so we can improve.


Mexico needs us to be united. We do not need any kind of plots, politicking, or simulations. People are dying every day because of these two great evils. Therefore, it is necessary to help by doing what is within our reach. Without a doubt, supporting our authorities is essential while facing a virus and a violence crisis that will not stop. Right now, our country needs for all of us to come together.




* Arturo Ávila Anaya, IBN/B Analitycs President and National Security Expert by Harvard (NIS).