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Coordination to fight crime

During the previous week, another presidential tour was carried out by President López Obrador, through 3 particularly conflictive states in terms of security: Guanajuato, Jalisco, and Colima. From Manzanillo, the President announced that from now on, ports and customs will be under military protection, this with the intention of preventing drugs and arms trafficking, which […]

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Fortalecer el combate a la corrupción

La semana anterior tuvo un saldo positivo para el Gobierno Federal, no sólo por la visita que realizó el presidente López Obrador a Estados Unidos —calificada incluso por los opositores como una visita exitosa—, sino también por la captura del exgobernador de Chihuahua, César Duarte y por la autorización de la extradición de España de […]

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They did not take the opportunity

How sad for the people who collaborate with the organized crime that they did not take advantage of the opportunity that the government gave them. They were offered ways out, through work, the development and recovery of communities, and through social programs. Unlike other governments that spoke of war and extermination, this one approach them […]

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No aprovecharon la oportunidad

Que tristeza para las personas que colaboran con el crimen organizado que no hayan aprovechado la oportunidad que les dio el gobierno. Se les ofreció salidas a través del trabajo, se habló de desarrollo y de recuperación de las comunidades por medio de los programas sociales. A diferencia de otros gobiernos que hablaban de guerra […]

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The danger of a new outbreak

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have mentioned that health is the most important matter. So, this should be the main issue to be dealt with, above any other. All voices and expressions must come together to face the pandemic and its consequences. Currently, the number of cases and deaths is alarming, as of […]